22 Feb Hello Everyone!

After closing our doors for a few months to your company and smiles for the silence of winter, we have returned.

We have taken advantage of this time to renew energy and review last year. So as to continue evolving we happily begin the new season 2016 with the presentation of our new web page, created to be up the date as much for the design as the information we offer, now that our old page was a little obsolete.

This would not have been possible without the fantastic work of great professionals, also friends, Ana and Mario of the “Sombrero Verde” (“Green Hat”)

Lastly, and before opening our doors, we want to thank everyone who during these years has come and spent part of your time on the campsite. Thank you for choosing us, for your affection, respect and your friendly company.

For all of this, we return in march with the same eagerness as the first day.

Thank you from the heart.

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